Really Raw Worship

My latest project is “Really Raw Worship”, and it IS raw! It is music birthed on recording and you, the listener, get to enter into my creative experience of writing and recording music simultaneously. I’m excited to share this project. Contact me for your copy today, available through a donation of any amount. Shipping is $3.50



Winter: Volume 1, A Soulful Christmas

Jennifer Dietz

Winter-album reviews:
Wonderful CD, Jenn! You did a great job. Now my favorite Christmas CD:).-Nancy Saylor, Upland, CA, USA

Hello Jenn,Thank you! We got the CD and listened to it several times. Ist a wonderful work! You have a wonderful voice! I do highly recommend it.

-Joel Jira, television, Switzerland

Jennifer,Received your Christmas cd and it’s amazing. I love your twists on the old classics, and I especially enjoyed that you included Mele Kalikimaka-I lived and worked in Honolulu for a year in one of my previous lives, so it brings back a lot of memories.

-Dan Phillips, Texas, USA

Oh Jen, this will make our Christmas, even more wonderful, you know how much I love your voice and having a Christmas CD with you singing, is so exciting!!! Love to you and blessings above-Antoinette blaul

My CD just arrived LOVE IT LOVE IT. Merry Christmas Jennifer. Thank you for making this cd-it is lovely.-Antoinette blaul (after receiving her cd)

Hi Jennifer, I just received your cd. WOW! Words do not describe how beautiful all the tunes sound!-Leo Centeno, Brea, CA


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