Who is Jennifer Dietz

Jennifer Dietz

When I was a little girl back in the 80’s, I used to grab a hand-held tape recorder, open my mouth and rock out to the music flowing out of my imagination. I’d enlist the help of my little sister to sing on my make-shift tape-productions about castles and far away seas. Fast-forward to the year 2012, I found myself in a high-tech recording studio, prodded by a friend from church. This time I was singing into a real, expensive, microphone about the One who made those far away seas and starlit nights. The Prince of Peace, whom I had discovered after I turned 5, was even more amazing than any Disney Prince Charming. The birth of “Moment by Moment” was due. Not much had changed since I was 5 in terms of my production values, I still loved group-efforts, therefore I enlisted a vast array of amazing musicians to add their unique talents and instruments, including the steel drum, cello, violin, harmonica, swirling vocal harmonies, mandolin, etc. Fifteen musicians came together to provide a rich blend of color. I never set-out to be a producer but discovered that the vision God placed in my heart for every song arrangement echoed the role of a producer. I was blessed to run into recording engineer Greg Paxton one day while working in his neighborhood. After God continued to confirm to me to record a CD, providing financially at every turn, and strengthening me amidst poor post-surgery health, I began to work with Greg who co-produced several of the songs. During three years of recording whenever I could, with a very busy work schedule, God used even the rough mixes of unfinished songs to minister to the kids that I was nannying. One eleven year-old girl was crushed from a dysfunctional life and her house burning down, and God used my song “My God, My Lord, My Love” to deeply minister to her, as she would ask for me to play it for her over and over on repeat. Some dreams, I found, take a while but there is always a good reason with God and it is often spelled “M-I-N-I-S-T-R-Y”.

cropped-j-web-91.jpgIn the song line-up I included the powerful christian folk-hymn,“What Wondrous Love Is This?” which was written in 1811. I had already decided to dedicate this beloved childhood favorite of mine to my grandpa when my grandma filled me in on the irony that my grandpa used to solo the song in church when he was alive. “Take My Hand”, is a unique genre that I coin “Pop-grass”! It is my fun-fusion of pop and blue-grass. The song proclaims God’s goodness on the waves of an upbeat fiddle, and poppy-rhythmic back-beat. On “Take My Hand” I was privileged to showcase the God-given gifts of Anders Swanson, who entertains at Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.

jenn1I am amazed at where God has taken me. My distant dream of recording songs about my journey with God, who He is MOMENT BY MOMENT in our lives, became a reality. He is GOOD, full of unfailing love, full of JOY & PEACE, our Creator, Almighty God, our Prince of Peace, and we who call Him Lord are His children of grace. These songs were written over an 8 year period, inspired by my prayers, my journey through college and life after it, sermons I heard when I first started listening to Kwave 107.9 FM, direct scripture verses that had penetrated my heart, and once-forgotten lyrics scribbled on scraps of paper. I’m truly grateful to God for allowing me to encapsulate worship into songs bursting with melody and flowing with the spirit of God to both uplift, and comfort people who have in their own words “been lifted into peace” and “revived and refreshed”.

My prayer is that after people listen to Moment by Moment they will walk away with the fullness of God in their Spirit and a refreshment that only He can give. I am thankful to be His vessel, to serve our amazing God who is with us “Moment by Moment”